Our Platform

Our platform has been purposefully designed to make the process of sourcing, buying and selling physical hemp and hemp derived products both efficient and secure. 

We have integrated a number of helpful tools allowing our members to connect, analyse and transact with the utmost confidence. 

Market Analysis

Our cutting-edge technology includes a proprietary engine that enables access to real time data and market trends for all traded product. 

Payment Solution

We operate with an innovative payment solution that assures transactional certainty and ease for all members. 

Transactions and negotiations_2.png
Transactions & Negotiations

A negotiation feature has been seamlessly integrated into our platform giving our members an opportunity to bid on pricing and quantity in real time, encouraging a competitive but fair market. 

Sample Ordering

All members have immediate access to samples for all products traded on the platform. These can be requested by a single click. 

How it Works

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